Working with Dad

Barbara’s father, Bob Neill, was a pioneering hypnotherapist, whose gift was discovered as early as 1943. In “Working with Dad” Bob’s story is told in his own words. Bob was always open to discovering his spiritual gifts and, with his guidance Barbara has followed in her father’s footsteps. She relates some of the remarkable occurrences in her life, from encounters with angels, a near death experience and some amazing synchronicities, to her training as a hypnotherapist, when she built upon the foundations of her father’s technique. Although, he passed away in 2006, Bob’s legacy continues. “Working with Dad” will tell you how.

Dyspraxia and Hypnotherapy

This book gives a valuable insight into the nature of dyspraxia, some of the associated difficulties, and how hypnotherapy can make a positive difference. Barbara Neill is a professional hypnotherapist and has an intimate knowledge of dyspraxia as she is, herself, dyspraxic.

Life, Love and Laughter

A collection of poems by Barbara Neill, drawing on all aspects of life from its sombre, serious side to its lighter, more humorous moments.

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